Saturday, February 12, 2011

FanTAsy ^-^ , chapter 1 : introduction

for the past few month i had been thinking about BLOG . haha
a blog is really a trend now .. almost everybody had it ... (even my cousin had it ) haha
do i need a blog ??
as far as i know ... a blog is a place where people express their emotion and shared their story with other people ...
i asked myself .. do i really need a blog ? well yah , interesting thing always happened 2 me ..
but , do i need to share them ?
and so i think and think and think .......
and think and think .....
until one night .. i came with an idea .. how about i write a story ? oh ! i mean type .. not write ... typing error ..
HAHA . yeah~ a story ,, that's cool ... sebuah cerita tentang cerita .. HAHA
and that's why i'm writing a blog right now ...

so my story is about a boy ... a boy who will change the fate of this world ... oke .. that's to out of this world ... huh ~ oke .. my story will be about a boy ... a boy who has just woke up from his childish 12 years old and become a 13 years old teenagers ,, facing all kind of challenge in his teenagers life ...

The story began here ,,, jeng jeng jenggg .... 

Today Asrul is going register to his new school ...
"Asrul !!! did you already take your breakfast ??";said her mom .
 a beatiful middle age woman ... kindda sweet but sometimes strict ..
"yes mom .. i already finished them" ... , said asrul . (the 'boy' i mention earlier .. )
"well ,thats great ... if you have any other things to do , make it quick . we don't wanna be late .."
"yes mother ..."

After finished packing their thing .. they set off to the new school of Asrul ...
"mom .. how long we'll get there ?"
"about two and a half hour maybe . why do you asked honey ?"
"nothing ". he replied in a single words .

After a few hour Asrul begin a conversation with his mother again ..
"mom .. "
"yes honey ?"
"are we there yet ?"
"not yet honey . but we're not far away now . why do ask As ?
"actually , i'm a little bit nervous 'lah'  mom .."
"haha " ;his mother laughed .
"that's a natural thing honey . everybody get nervous when they had to face something new .. "
Asrul just kept quiet and think ...

"ah ..... , finally we are here . ";her mother said in a relived tone ..
Asrul got out of the car .. silently ..
"what's the matter honey ? you're suppose to be happy now that you are a teen .. "
"haha . right mother";Asrul replied cheerly.
Maybe his mother word had cheered him up ..
"oke . now lets go to the registration hall !";his mother said enthusiasticly ..
"oke mom , lets go !"

walking along the walkway to the registration hall ..
and coincidentally .. a girl was walking past them ....
"Ah ??"
"whats wrong dear ?"
"erm .... that ... that ,,,,"
"what is it dear ?"
"... uhg .. it's nothing mom .. "; he replied with a smile on his face .
"uh ... you're making me nervous for a while there dear .. "
"haha ... sorry mom .. "
Then their both enter the registration hall ....

In the registration hall  ...  Asrul eyes came in contact with the 'girl' again ...
This she is filling her registration form ...
this time the girl was looking at Asrul too .. his mind thought ...
"we've i seen this girl .. i think i've seen her before ... but where ?"
then her mother spoke him from the back .. like a tiger charging its prey..
"wargh !!! "
"AH !!"
"hahaha ";her mother laughed .
" mom ! why do you that for ?!"
"to wake you up As , you seen like lost in your own fantasy ... "
"i was not ! "
"yes you are .. "
"i was not !"
" yes you're dear .."

After done registering , their both go home ...

The next day .....
Asrul went to school early ..
today the school have the 'orientation' for the new form 1 student ...
they divide the student into several group...
Asrul was in group 5 .....
when they were discussing in group .. Asrul eyes one more times came in contact with the 'girl' ..
" i'm pretty sure that i've seen her before ... but where ?" . the same question came out in his mind ..
And to make the story interesting ... the girl raise her head .. revealing her auroral like chinese eyes .. so beautiful... she looked at Asrul in a graceful way ... eyes to eye ... the moment kindda stop ... 
it's like a moment just for them .... suddenly .. a charming smile , a smile like an angel ..
graven from the duck like upper lip on the girl face  .... 
yes , of course the smile is for Asrul ... who else ? 
Asrul lowered his head ... his face become reddish ....
his heartbeat become faster by the second  ...
he's barely breathing ... gasping for air ... like fish out of water ...
"whats wrong with me ?"; Asrul said .
" i never had any problem talking or looking at girl ..."
(the fact is , when Asrul have a crush on someone ... he'll automaticly  become extremely shy to the girl he had a crush on )
it's a three day orientation ... pretty much the whole  three day Asrul and the girl wasting their time by looking at each other ... shyly ..
 monkey love .. HAHHAA

TO bE CoNTInuE.....  AHAHA

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